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Hi, I’m Em, a fan of outdoor adventure.

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Most of my outdoor engagements are usually white water, beach and sea, and forest/wilderness activities . I also enjoy cultural and historic activities, and these are the main ones that I participate in when I visit other islands in the Caribbean.

I LOVE adventure and make it a part of my everyday life. This is why I built this website. I want to provide you with information on how you can have a wonderful outdoor adventure life. (Maybe it’s just the educator in me).

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How I built my successful website businesses

I have several websites. I use two different platforms to build and host them, and I love these platforms very much, although they are competitors to each other: Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It

I really recommend either one, but I think wealthy affiliate is easier, and I have more websites with Wealthy Affiliate while SBI is cheaper if you only have 1 website. The biggest thing for me is that I have several websites with Wealthy Affiliate for the same price whereas with SBI it gets more expensive the more sites you have. 

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Find out about when I built my first website with SBI below: 

How I built my first website with SBI

Finding Site Build It (SBI)

The first time I found out about Site Build It was through a friend that I hadn't spoken to in a long time. We were chatting when I told him that I was thinking of building a website in my spare time. He then asked me if I wanted a website or a website business .

 So why a website business?

 We spoke about a regular job; getting up, going to work for someone else and doing the routine things over and over makes you feel like a crab in a bucket. We got a good laugh when I said that that's what makes some people kick the bucket!

I can never forget what he said: “When you have a regular job, you do the same things over and over. When you have a website business, the work you have done is always there. You don't keep redoing things, you build on what you already have, even in your sleep.

SBI gives you complete freedom. If on the other hand you don't want to quit your day job just yet, but still want to build a business in your spare time, and if you could use much more money than you're making now, there is still SBI!

 How I knew SBI was for me:

 He had been using Site Build It for three years to start and run his successful website business on travel. We spoke some more about how motivated I was to live my life doing what I love, and he sent me a link to some articles written by Steve Pavlina (An excellent motivational speaker and advisor).

He also sent me to the Site Build It website where I got some more information, and he let me use his pass to enter the Site Build It forums, where I entered a community of successful business people.

I saw first hand how everyone helps each other to achieve their goals of successful website businesses and saw their mutual love for SBI. After that double dose of Steve Pavlina and information from the SBI site, I was “jumping-out-of-my-chair-motivated”.

The Result? I now have my very own successful website business, and you can too .

What SBI will do for you:

If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic or have a hobby or passion, and you want to develop it into a business, Site Build It is the best. SBI is for everyone . Whether you know nothing about building a website or whether you're savvy you will undoubtedly be impressed with the support and tools to guide you every step of the way.

SBI is for webmasters too! Many people who already have websites switch to using SBI after they compare and see the proof of SBI's CTPM- all the steps to build a website that works.

But I am not the only one crazy about SBI! Meet successful people who love SBI as much as I do.

Do what I did. Build a successful website business and make money for life! Don't waste another day. You can order your complete online package here. Just like me, you won't regret it!

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