Adventure Music

You may enjoy singing songs, especially adventure songs or enjoy listening to music. The songs which usually give me a feeling of adventure are sometimes Native American music or any other music with flutes because they are usually so soothing. I often find myself thinking of being out there in the wilderness.


Another common activity related to songs is song writing . Have you ever tried it? Maybe you can write a song about a certain place in you memory or anything related to adventure.

You can also browse the internet to obtain the lyrics of your favorite adventure songs, and you may prefer a particular genre over others. I like everything with a beat.

Because of your love for music you can seek a career in the music industry such as DJing or MCing, you may compose music or even run a offline or online music store.

Some music lovers also collect music and may have an extensive CD collection of their favorite genres or artists. You can also play instruments in your spare time and may even collect them too. A direct compliment to the hobby of music is dancing.

The bottom line is that there are several different ways to enjoy adventure music as your hobby, be it in your home, around a campfire or singing at the top of your voice while hiking along a wilderness trail. But that would be a bad thing if you're going birding. The noise might chase the birds!

What are your favorite songs to sing when going on an adventure?


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