The Blank Page
The Place to Share Your Adventure Stories

The aim of this page is to collect adventure stories from visitors about personal outdoor adventure experiences for everyone to read and enjoy.

Your story can be funny and entertaining as well as informative. Did you have the best time of your life while on an adventure? Did you have a mishap that you can talk about?

My friend Davis once told me that he is a blank page. This means that he was up for anything, and that anything could be written into his life. This is from whom I got the inspiration for this section.

Just the same, you should transfer what adventures have been written into your life to paper. You’d be amazed at how much of a great story you can relate. As I always say, "adventure can make anyone a writer".

Please let the stories be your original material. Or if you know someone with a great adventure story, spread the word!Ask them to submit the story here!

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