So What Makes Adventure Travel Australia So Popular?

I can’t talk about adventure travel destinations, and not focus on adventure travel Australia. In fact, Australia is known as a country with one of the most diverse environments and spots for outdoor adventure. This owes in part to Australia’s two types of regions.

The tropical rainforest regions experience a dry and wet season, and the temperate regions have four seasons. This makes it perfect for a wide range of activities throughout the year. With National Parks, forests, reefs, mountain ridges and ranges, and islands, there is diversity and abundance in the things to do. In fact you can do almost anything in Australia.

Popular Activities of Adventure Travel Australia

Island hopping Australia

Apart from being the world’s smallest continent, Australia is the world’s largest island. The commonwealth of Australia is not only made up of the mainland and Tasmania, but there are many other islands in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean that make up the commonwealth. So you can imagine the numerous possibilities for island hopping.

The Whitsunday islands in Australia are amongst the most beautiful in the world. To fully capture the beauty and adventure of this region, it's best to sail from island to island. Sailing gives you the freedom to anchor whenever you fancy a snorkel or when you want to explore one of the islands, the Whitsundays are truly the epitome of a sailor's paradise.

Outdoor Activities and Exploring Nature in Australia

Tourists don’t only visit Australia for the coast. The Australian Outback is Endless. Mountains and forests provide the perfect habitat for numerous plant and animal life.

You can get to go hiking, biking, caving in the interior to observing animals such as penguins along the coast. Whale watching and sea birding are also very popular and there are numerous National Parks.

Fun In the Snow

During the winter months, stay at a ski resort in Australia and visit the ski slopes.

Australia Adventure Resorts

Susan River Homestead Adventure Resort
Dingos Backpacker Adventure Resort
Adventurers Backpacker Resort
Koala Adventure Island Resort
Mt Buffalo Resort
Bayplay Adventure Lodge and Dive Resort
Hervey Bay Hostel

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