Adventure Travel Destinations

Isn't it amazing how certain parts of the world are so different from each other? It is good that there are different adventure locations and adventure travel destinations , because outdoor adventure lovers like you and me have different interests in the ideal place for our ultimate vacation.

You may be an island lover, mountain lover or ancient cities might be your cup of tea.

If you have a particular destination you want to find more information about, you can select from the Alphabetical List of Adventure Travel Destinations at the bottom of this page.

Throughout this part of the website we will be looking at these amazing categories of locations throughout the world:

Islands, Mountains, Historic Towns and Cities and Wildlife and Other Parks.



If you want panoramic views, kisses by the sun, and a warm ocean breeze at a beachfront restaurant then an island destination is the one for you. The favorite islands are those which lie within the tropics with year round sunny weather... more


The most attractive properties of mountain regions are beautiful scenery, varying from snow covered peaks, ridges, glaciers, valleys, lakes.... more

Historic Towns and Cities

We all have different reasons for our interests in particular buildings, monuments, cities, towns be it the architecture, whether someone famous lived there or whether it was built by an ancient civilization as with the case of...

Wildlife Parks and other parks
The main attraction of wildlife parks for tourism is the variety. Countries like those of East Africa have numerous parks of various sizes with terrain...


Explore New Zealand. Discover the best holiday and tourism locations, create a detailed travel plan and itinerary, get New Zealand facts to make the most of your vacation and tour of NZ. Find information on New Zealand currency and exchange rates, accommodation, car or campervan hire, tours, maps, books, and New Zealand climate and weather forecasts.






  • Whistler Outdoors One couple's advice for visitors considering a vacation to Whislter BC. Skiing, hiking, cross country skiing. Campgrounds, parks, travel maps, renting motorhomes, accommodations, golf courses, history. Everything a visitor will need to have a memorable vacation in the mountains.


  • Visit Singapore - Lion City
    Welcome to Singapore! Also known as "Little Red Dot", tourists keeps coming back over and over again to this city because it is well known for its cultural diversity, religious and ethnic tolerance, photographic landscape, and cleanliness.
  • Penang Vacations – Your Exotic Vacations to Asia’s Finest Travel Destination. Discover Great Hotels, Tourist Attractions, Sunny Beaches, Mysterious Temples & more…


  • Amsterdam Travel and tourism Tips If you travel to Amsterdam for business or as tourist, then I invite you to visit this site. All important things to do, see and visit of this beautiful city are mentioned here. See you in Amsterdam.
    Are you ready for the unforgettable adventure holiday in Slovenia? Outdoor activities and fun in beautiful country of Slovenia. OUTdoor Slovenia, rafting, canyoning, transfers, accommodation and more.

  • Recommended Belfast Hotels
    Belfast Hotels as recommended by the local people.Information on the best hotel accommodation in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.
  • Alicante City Insider's Guide" Discover why Alicante is one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. Amazing festivals, memorable nightlife, lovely all year round weather, excellent cuisine, miles of sandy beaches and much more!


  • Costa Rica Destination Guide
    Costa Rica destination guide with information on travel tips, activities, and attractions. Author lived in Costa Rica for just over a year working as a divemaster in Playas del Coco.



Of course I can't cover all places for adventure on my own. Since the aim of this site is to give you information on ALL the adventure locations, I have featured websites which can provide you with more detailed information on particular places/locations through links on various pages on this site.

More will be added with due time so don't forget to RSS this site to keep current on all the adventure hotspots which will be featured. If you own a website you can link to this site here. If you don't own one, and you want to know how, I'll tell you how here.

Other Sites of Interest for Adventure Travel destinations:


Destination Southern California is the ultimate insiders vacation guide. Best places to stay, eat, play and explore Southern California, Los Angeles, the beaches and beyond. "

British Columbia

BC Canada parks Read about the Provincial and National Parks in British Columbia Canada.


A Greek adventure - combine beach and mountain activities, staying at the coolest hotel in northern Greece, Kairos Garden in the village of Eleftheres, Kavala.


Real Life Experiences of How to Get the Very Best from Your Visit to Chiang Mai & Surrounding Areas, linked to Chiang Mai Arts & Crafts our online shop.


Uganda Visit and Travel Guide
If it does not appear on this Website then probably it doesn't exist. This is a site that will guide you to whatever you want to learn about Uganda.


Everything about Branson, Missouri
If you ever plan to visit or move to Branson our site has all the information you would need. We have pages about Entertainment, Recreation, Shows, Employment, Weather etc. Come on over and check us out.


Russia Ukraine Travel Alternative.
Get your Russia travel info from the source. Consult independent Russian guides and interpreters from over 60 cities throughout Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.


Off Road
Off-road information, tours and adventures in Vietnam on motorbike, moped scooter, motorcycle, bike, bicycle, car, junk, train and 4x4 vehicles, kayaking and trekking... Site features a tour library of detailed itineraries and photos from the road.

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