Adventure Travel Jobs

What are adventure travel jobs?

An adventure travel job may refer to:

1. Jobs where you get to change your location or country (traveler jobs)

2. Jobs which deal with persons traveling for recreational, leisure or business purposes (tourism jobs)

Traveler jobs , such as a volunteer traveler , may involve going to a foreign country to work for a charitable cause. Such causes may be for environmental , medical or educational purposes and are some of the most unique jobs. Examples of the most common traveler jobs are:

•  Travel volunteer opportunities

•  Medical Jobs (Traveling nurse or doctor)

•  Teaching abroad

•  Wildlife Photographer Enter Text

Tourism jobs are the most common travel jobs and are related to or even referred to as hospitality jobs. This category encompasses a wide range of cool jobs which are sometimes seasonal, such as with some resorts which are closed for some time and reopen for the peak season.

Careers in travel and tourism range from on-field such as guides and drivers, to office based such as adventure travel agents. Examples of tourism and hospitality work are:

•  Travel agent /agency

•  Resort employment

•  Cruise Ship employment

•  Airline employment

•  Tour Agent

•  Travel writing, travel critic

•  Taxi driver or Chauffeur

•  Tour Guide

•  Travel consultant/adventure travel guide

•  Field Guides

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