Baby Names Meaning Beauty

Abha G Sanskrit beauty
Abhikheya G Sanskrit beauty
Abhishri G Sanskrit fearless beauty
Aelflaed G English elf beauty
Aethelfled G English noble beauty
Akemi G Japanese bright and beautiful
Baha B Arabic beauty
Caoimhe G Gaelic beauty
Chiemi G Japanese blessed with wisdom and beauty
Chiyemi G Japanese blessed with wisdom and beauty
Eido G Greek beauty
Emi G Japanese blessed with beauty
Emiko G Japanese child graced with beauty
Estmund B English protector of beauty
Harumi G Japanese springtime beauty
Hasnaa G Swahili beauty
Hatsumi G Japanese broadminded beauty
Honami G Japanese south and beauty
Hussana G Arabic beauty
Indira G Indian beauty and splendor
Ingrede G Norse Ing’s beauty
Ingrid G Norse Ing’s beauty
Ingrith G Norse Ing’s beauty
Jae Hwa G Korean respect and beauty
Jae-hwa B Korean respect and beauty
Jamali B Arabic holy beauty
Kanani Both Hawaiian the beauty
Kau’i Both Hawaiian the beauty
Keeva G Gaelic beauty and gentleness
Kiyomi G Japanese pure beauty
Konami G Japanese little south beauty
Kunani G Hawaiian like a beauty
Kyung Mi G Korean honored and beauty
Laila G Arabic dark beauty
Lavanya G Sanskrit beauty
Layla G Arabic dark beauty
Leila G Persian dark-haired beauty
Leilah G Persian dark-haired beauty
Lela G Persian dark-haired beauty
Lelah G Persian dark-haired beauty
Leyla G Persian dark-haired beauty
Lila G Persian dark-haired beauty
Lilavati G Sanskrit having beauty
Lin Lin G Chinese beauty of a tinkling bell
Lin-Lin G Chinese beauty of a tinkling bell
Maemi G Japanese ten thousand blessings and beauty
Masumi G Japanese increasing beauty
Mi Cha G Korean beauty
Mi Hi G Korean beauty and joy
Mi Kyong G Korean beauty and brightness
Mi Sun G Korean beauty and goodness
Michiyo G Japanese era of beauty and wisdom
Mieko G Japanese child blessed with beauty
Mihoko G Japanese child of protected beauty
Miyeko G Japanese child blessed with beauty
Narumi G Japanese growing beauty
Natsumi G Japanese summer beauty
Neha G Indian beauty
Nomble G African beauty
Padmashri G Sanskrit having the beauty of a lotus
Puanani G Hawaiian beautiful flower
Raveena G Punjabi the beauty of the sun
Ruchi G Sanskrit beauty
Rupam B Sanskrit beauty
Satomi G Japanese wise beauty
Shigemi Both Japanese luxuriant beauty
Shree G Sanskrit beauty
Shri G Sanskrit beauty
Shriman B Sanskrit having beauty
Sri G Sanskrit beauty
Tifara G Hebrew beauty
Tiferet G Hebrew beauty
Venita G Latin beauty
Venus G Latin beauty
Vernita G Latin beauty

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