Baby Names Meaning Nature

Would you like your baby to have a name that means "nature"?
Here follows a list of baby names which mean nature from various origins.

Aglaia G Latin brilliant nature goddess
Anian B Welsh nature
Asanga B Sanskrit of loving nature
Bhagavati G Sanskrit nature and self
Brij B Sanskrit nature
Brija B Sanskrit nature
Damia G Greek Goddess of forces of nature
Essence G English true nature of an entity
Euphrosyne G Latin joy; nature Goddess
Faine B English good natured
Hu B Egyptian a nature God
Idonea G Norse to renew nature
Idony G Norse to renew nature
Karam B Muslim noble nature;
Nature Both American nature
Nephthys G Egyptian mythical nature Goddess; daughter of Nut
Paramatmika G Sanskrit she whose nature is the supreme
Premarupa B Sanskrit having a loving nature
Raziya G Swahili agreeable; good natured
Sahaj B Sanskrit natural
Sahaja Both Sanskrit natural
Satyarupa G Sanskrit the nature of truths
Stormy Both American impetuous nature
Swarup B Sanskrit true nature
Tavon B American nature
Teva G Hebrew nature
Thalia G Latin flowering; nature Goddess
Tibon B Hebrew natural
Tivon B Hebrew natural
Tivona G Hebrew naturist; lover of nature
Tivoni G Hebrew naturist; lover of nature
Zhi G Chinese nature; character

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