Computer and Internet Activities

When you're bored at home, there are many computer and internet activities that you can do that are related to adventure:


Building websites:

If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic or hobby you can develop it into a website like I did. Find out how I got it done here.



Visit blogs (weblogs) and “blog” or post your comments about a particular subject related to adventure such as adventure travel. You may also want to become a “blogger” and create your own blog


Book crossing:

Swap books in a book exchange community called


Collecting :

The internet can also be used to help hobbyists with collecting by finding items such as adventure quotations, adventure poems and song lyrics or purchasing items for collections online such at bottles and artwork.


Deviant Art:

You can join deviant art, an internet community where artists upload and discuss their work. Perfect for your adventure photography, wallpaper, poetry, prose etc.


Facebook and MySpace:

Send messages, upload photos, send e-gifts, communicate with old friends and meet new people. Letting everyone know what's new in your adventurous life.


Forums and Newsgroups:

Have online discussions on your favorite adventure topics.


Get an Internet Job :

You can get a wide variety of internet job opportunities searching through online employment services. As with all jobs, it is good to have some training (You can get training online too!)


Google, Yahoo and other search engines,website directories:

Whether it is to find out whether jelly fish really have trunks, whether slugs really have 27, 000 teeth or other less unusual trivia, you probably use search engines like Google. It is through the websites listed by search engines that we get the information we want on the web.


Instant Messaging :

You can chat online with friends and family using websites which offer Instant Messaging


Playing online and offline games :

Now it is possible to play your favorite adventure games as there are many websites which offer free games on the internet. Some games can also be purchased or downloaded free for offline play.


Random Surfing :

Random surfing on the internet is like switching between channels on the TV. You're not sure about exactly what you want to do but you might stumble upon something that will interest you immensely.



You can use StumbleUpon which is an internet community that allows you to discuss and rate web sites , pages, photos and to make recommendations from lists of topics. Other members can follow your recommendations and visit websites.



You can create new articles if you're a registered Wikipedia user, or anyone can edit existing articles.


Talk about your internet or computer hobby here.

Resources for Computer and Internet Activities

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