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So why choose cruise adventure travel for your next adventure travel holiday?

The main advantage of cruise adventure travel, is that you won’t have to worry about extra expenses such as food, drinks and entertainment which are included in one set price.

These are the main factors which may contribute to expensive vacations, and you don’t need to have cash on hand or make too much planning. You can also book your adventure cruise vacation through a travel agent.

The two major types are traditional and all inclusive. On an all inclusive trip, nearly everything is included in the package. You might have to pay for a few extra things. For example, alcoholic drinks may not be included in the beverage package.

No doubt the best thing about booking an all inclusive adventure travel cruise is the convenience and the ability to indulge in food and drinks. So for those of us who drink and eat a lot who don’t want to run up our vacation expenses, all inclusive is the most logical option. Some all inclusive cruises provide within their packages:

• nightly entertainment (admittance into movie theaters and video arcades)
• meals (sometimes all the food you can eat)
• room service
• spas
• fine dining
• internet cafés
• activities (casinos, art auctions, fitness centers, swimming pools)
• all taxes

You may also get to do various outdoor activities on your adventure cruise such as scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. If you go island hopping you get to visit exotic island destinations with beautiful beaches and access to tours, and duty free shopping. Now that’s adventure!

All the different types can be adventurous:

• Adventure
• Weekend
• Carnival
• Family
• Honeymoon
• Theme
• Kids
• Luxury
• One day Long
• River
• Singles
• Wedding

Book your cruise adventure vacation on to any of the following destinations:

• The Caribbean
• The Bahamas
• South Pacific
• Mississippi
• Galapagos Islands
• Canada
• Mediterranean
• Alaska

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