Hiking in High Himalaya of Nepal with Friends Adventure Team

by Rajendra Bahadur Lama
(Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal)

Everest Trail

Everest Trail

Everest Trail Everest Base Camp Trek Upper Mustang Trek Upper Dolpo Trek

Nepal is a trekker's paradise with a myriad of exciting trails to the highest peaks on the planet, with unrivaled scenery and culture along the way. However brief, trekking is a good introduction to the natural rhythm of life in the mountains. You travel at your own pace along trails that link settlements, many on ancient trade routes with Tibet. We lead you through dense forests of rhododendron filled with flora and fauna, up to high mountain pastures surrounded by towering peaks. Other places are graced with exotic temples and magical monasteries. Diverse ethnicities along the routes give a fascinating insight into traditional rural lifestyles. The immense contrasts in altitudes and climates provide a wealth of physical conditions. The cultural heritage and wildlife biodiversity are second to none.

If you are reasonably physically fit, Nepal's trails will be a pleasure. No prior skills are required for trekking, simply an enjoyment of hiking. Possibilities range from short and easy to rigorous and demanding – there is something for every desire. We offer a wide variety of different treks to suit both first-timers and experienced trekkers. Whether you have only a few days or many months to spend in the Himalaya, we have an itinerary available for you.

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