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Island hopping is an overdose of adventure travel. Visit three or more islands in one single visit if you cannot decide which one is more worth it! You can get from one place to the next using ferries or small airlines.

Some adventure cruises have this as part of their all-inclusive package. Transfers and accommodation may not be included but passengers may enjoy a wide range of amenities and on-board activities.

You can explore small groups of islands in a few days. Although some schedules have minimum time on each, you can purchase extra days in order to fully explore and enjoy as you please. This means that over a two week period, you can enjoy several unique destinations!

Some people enjoy organizing their own holiday by booking it themselves or get an agency to take the hassle out of it. Many packages require you to sign up, choose from a selection of locations and design your own itinerary.

Of course the availability of quick reliable flights and ferry service determines if it is possible to explore all islands within particular groups.

Local travel agents may have deals, depending on the time of year for islands linked by a ferry system or flights.

All these factors may restrict you and sometimes it might be better to reduce on the number of islands that you intend to visit in order to have quality excursions on each.

Groupings with fewer and smaller islands can be fully explored within days. If your goal is to have as many notches of island hopping destinations in your belt, then by all means, island hop all you can. Some of the most popular destinations are:



Florida Keys



The Philippines

Pacific Islands

I can't say enough about how the internet has really improved on the availability of information that one can get when planning a vacation.

Just as with any other adventure travel activities, there are also outdoor adventure service companies to help you plan your next excellent vacation. I have listed my favorite websites for particular destinations. They make planning that dream vacation a breeze:

Other Island Hopping Destinations:

Australian territorial Islands:

'The Whitsunday islands in Australia are amongst the most beautiful in the world. To fully capture the beauty and adventure of this region, it's best to sail from island to island.

Florida Keys

Planning on visiting the Florida Keys? "Florida Keys Guide" will help you plan your next vacation. They have first hand experience and will show you beautiful places, fun things to do, great places to eat, and much, much more!

Naples marco Island Florida Come visit Naples, Florida, -- nestled on the sun drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Naples is known for world class shopping, dining, fishing and the "Golf Capital of the World".

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