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Are you looking for nature names for your baby or for someone else’s? Then this is the best place to get them.

Here you can choose according to nature names for boys or nature names for girls, as well as choose according to the most popular words such as earth, beauty, miracle, sun etc. and even the names meaning nature. You will also find the origins of all the baby names inspired by nature. Choose a category by clicking on any link below:

Boys Nature Names

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Names meaning:

Nature or natural




If you’re fond of natural life, its obvious that you would love giving your baby nature related baby names for both the first and middle. Some people who love water and had a water birth or a natural birth might decide to call their baby a name meaning “water”, or “natural”.

If your baby is on the way, this is the best time to search for a baby name. You have plenty of time to browse and think about until you choose the perfect one.

The great thing is that here on Outdoor Adventure Life Guide, all are conveniently in one place and you don’t have to go searching on another baby names website.

If you are here searching for one for someone else, buy a baby names book or get a list from here which would make a perfect alphabet name gift idea.

What Does Your Name Mean?

Do YOU have a nature name or any outdoor name or adventure name? Are you very proud of it? Has it affected your life? Is there a story behind your name or of someone else that you know about?

For example, my first name was made up, but my middle name is Indra which means:Controls the Rain, Rain God, Sky, all of Indian (Sanskrit) origin. There are many variations to its meaning.

Tell us about your name meanings below and you will be featured on this site! If you don't know what your name means, use this name search tool.

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