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Shopping on vacation is an exhilarating experience whether it is spending cash left over from the incredible vacation or going on a major shopping binge. Shopping may not be the main reason you visit a new town or city, but most shopping sites are actually vacation spots. Adventure travelers which are passionate about shopping may:

• Visit shopping malls, specialty stores, and fashionable outlets (Some shopping malls sell themselves as major tourist attractions).

• Visit antique galleries

• Go on shopping excursions to various shopping sites

• Shop at local markets with arts or local boutiques for beautiful unique consumer goods

• Buy post cards for post card collection

• Buy local books

• Enjoy duty free shopping /discount shopping

Whenever I travel to another country, I always try to sample the local beer. I also try to take something back home with me that the country is known for. The last time I visited the US Virgin Islands a friend of mine asked me to bring him back a virgin!

Many people believe that a good thing to buy when overseas is jewelry. No matter what you shop for when on your adventure vacation ensure that you buy take something special back home with you to remind you of that vacation. There are usually souvenir stores with items such as:

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• Local T-Shirts

• Wraps

• Clothing

• Music

• Art and other works of local artists

Some newly wed couples purchase items on their honeymoon for their new home or just for memories. Choose your souvenir wisely. Ensure that you choose something that you can be proud of, not something that you can buy at home and that the souvenir is easy to carry in your suitcase.

Many people develop items from their journeys into collections. These collections can include any particular souvenirs or even themed such as cookbooks with traditional cooking from foreign countries. You could practice the recipes in the cookbooks which will remind you of the food you ate while on vacation.

Some agencies offer wonderful destinations to book a shopping vacation package. Most destinations have diverse shopping areas where you will find a vast array of stores, chic boutiques, unique shops, trendy fashion malls and outlets. They may also provide you with tips and secrets to shopping on vacation.

For more vacation planning tips you can visit Chiang Mai Online and also find my page about shopping on vacation there.

Visit Online Shopping Gateway offers a number of unique selection of gift items for any special occasions.

Post your vacation shopping experiences or album for everyone to enjoy.

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