Sightseeing: A big part of Adventure Travel

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Many adventure travel destinations have a lot to offer the visitor in way of sightseeing. Some travelers enjoy visiting picturesque tropical islands such as those in the Caribbean.

They have scenic beauty, many natural wonders, beautiful botanical gardens with tropical plants and flowers, sandy beaches and forests. Alternatively other popular destinations like Europe may have large museums and other structures as their attractions.

In nearly all tourist destinations you can get to relax while a tour guide shares fascinating historical facts and interesting stories about the country and its people. You can get to visit:

• beautiful buildings (such as great houses, old churches, cathedrals, chateaux, palaces, fortresses, temples)

• intriguing monuments and museums

• places with a wealth of history and culture such as ruins

• popular landmarks

• popular cities

Most tourist destinations cater to outdoor adventure lovers would enjoy activities like nature trails, visiting caves, forests with wildlife and some countries may offer sea tours, air tours or underwater tours. Various places may be a photographer's dream come true.

An incredible destination is Kerala. Visit Kerala Tourist Attractions Kerala's most popular tourist destinations such as beaches , wildlife , waterfalls , backwater, hill stations , festivals and important events. It also gives the details of Hotels and transportation.

Post your album or upload a story about your experiences or a favorite place of interest from your travels. You can even comment on where you want to sight-see next!

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