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Courses for your career

There are a wide range of courses that one can do in pursuit of that dream adventure job. You need to have a fairly good idea of what you want to do because devoting one, two or even three years in training is a big step.

You may have this dream in mind of finding a job at parks, camps, resorts, ranches, tour companies, conservation corps, or guide jobs and internships.

Here are some examples of courses that may interest you in some common fields.

•  Education Courses

•  Degree in natural history

•  Leisure or recreation management

•  Cooking or culinary arts (for chef at backcountry resort, cruise ship)

•  Hospitality

•  Med School


Courses for training in outdoor activities

Aside from training in specific careers that are related to the outdoors and adventure, you can also enroll in programs which train regular people in outdoor adventure.

These types of programs are geared towards improving on your skills at an outdoor activity you love, or train you in any new one that you're interested in.

Imagine being a better hiker, climber or rider. Imagine being able to properly use trail maps, a compass and GPS, and being trained in wilderness survival, first aid, and CPR.

Wouldn't that increase your overall confidence as an adventurer? Well now, these types of instruction are not only for people interested in becoming outdoor adventure guides. Outdoor adventure training is available to everyone.

Enroll in a course today!

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